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Terms and conditions of use


1.1 Concept

The website is an information platform designed to assist healthcare professionals in their quest for medical information by providing up-to-date scientific & clinical literature in your area of expertise, in just few clicks.
The site’s editorial content and technical management, design and hosting, maintenance and updating are provided by the publisher, GNM Healthcare Consulting Ireland, Ltd, under the supervision of (CPPAP number: 0915 W 90777).
All personal data is centralised in a single authentication system owned by GNM Healthcare and hosted by Google Cloud and I-TEK Resources Group in France.

1.2 Compliance with the general conditions of use

Any person having access to the websites and applications of GNM Healthcare must apprise themselves of these general conditions of use before viewing the information appearing on the website or application. Any viewing of the subsequent pages of the site or the application after this page thus entails acknowledgement by the user of the terms of these general conditions of use.
The user acknowledges that he or she accepts these general conditions of use, complies with them and accepts their principles and stipulations.

1.3 Content

The site’s content consists essentially of International articles issued from peer-reviewed journals or summaries and clinical studies written by expert physicians in the field. For easier browsing, users can benefit from the site’s multi-criteria search engine allowing them to refine and categorise their scientific and clinical data searches.
All articles published on the website are written under the responsibility of the website’s editorial board and are based on principles of editorial independence.
Information published on the website may potentially discuss or suggest therapeutic treatments amounting to off-label use. Editorial content is drafted by healthcare professionals or healthcare editors. Their qualifications are stated, as are the acronyms used in their titles, at the foot of each summary posted on the site. When content contains scientific and medical information, information concerning therapies and medication, it is designed strictly for informational purposes and should not be construed as advice on medical prescriptions; third-party assessment of diagnostics and therapeutics remains essential. None of this information may be deemed to replace consultation or diagnosis performed by a physician and should not be construed as promoting any particular drug, medical device or professional service.

1.4 Access

Access to the site is provided free of charge and is exclusively reserved for healthcare professionals. Prior registration is required, and access is only granted upon receipt of valid proof of the user’s qualifications as a healthcare professional.
GNM Healthcare shall not be liable for any consequences that may arise from user connection to the Internet through this website. GNM Healthcare shall not be liable for any material or immaterial damage caused to users’ computer equipment and/or data stored therein, or for any consequences that may arise for the personal, professional or business endeavours of subscribers.
GNM Healthcare shall furthermore not be liable should users be unable to connect to the website as a result of technical issues, including network congestion.

1.5 Data Protection

1. Confidentiality of private information
Notice with respect to the confidentiality of personal information:
Personal information requested during the registration process allows us to ascertain that users are indeed healthcare professionals, as access to the website is restricted to authorized persons.
All of this information is required. You have a right to access, modify, correct and delete any data concerning you. To exercise this right, you may:

  • Click on the "My personal information" link featured at the bottom page of the platform;
  • Send an email to, stating the email address associated with your account.
  • Write by post to: GNM Healthcare Consulting Ireland, Ltd - 6th Floor, South Bank House – Barrow Street - Dublin 4 - D04 TR29 - Ireland

2. Browsing data
The website uses cookies to categorize and store selected information about you and analyse your activity on the website. A cookie is a small text file that the website server sends to your browser and which is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies allow to:

  • Remember who you are and access information every time you connect to the site;
  • Determine what each user views and the time they spend browsing the website;
  • Measure traffic patterns and usage of specific services.

You can modify your browser settings to: accept all cookies, be notified when cookies are stored, or refuse all cookies. Data about your browsing patterns (type of browser and OS, pageviews…) is stored on the website server in order to improve your browsing experience.

1.6 Provision of applications, widgets, tools to be used on Smartphones (summarised under the term "Information Technology Utilities", hereinafter "IT utilities") available as downloads or online

GNM Healthcare provides the downloadable IT utilities without any guarantee as to their compatibility with the equipment of the user. GNM Healthcare may not be held liable for any direct or consequential damage suffered by the user as a result of the installation or use of the IT utility. GNM Healthcare offers no guarantee whatsoever as to the compatibility of the downloaded IT utility with the expectations and needs of the web user. Furthermore, GNM Healthcare offers no guarantee as to the absence of errors or malfunctioning of the programs of the IT utility, or as to the absence of bugs or viruses.
On no account may GNM Healthcare be held liable for consequential damages suffered by the user as a result of the installation or use of an IT utility. Within the meaning of these conditions of use, the following, inter alia, shall constitute consequential damages: any economic loss, loss of data, IT malfunction, loss of sales turnover or loss of earnings suffered by the user because of any of the documentation or an IT utility.
The IT utility is provided to the user for his or her own individual needs and on a strictly personal basis. No intellectual property right is transferred to the user by these conditions of use. The user shall expressly refrain from reproducing and representing the elements composing the IT utility for any purpose other than for his or her own needs. The elements composing the data-processing utility, be they IT, graphics, editorial or other, are and remain the property of GNM Healthcare or third parties that have duly authorised GNM Healthcare to exploit their rights. On no account does the downloading of the IT utility entitle the user to transfer it to any third party whatsoever, either free of charge or for remuneration, temporarily or permanently. Any use of the IT utility for other than purely personal purposes may be considered as an act of counterfeit and the perpetrator of the offence is liable for prosecution by GNM Healthcare on this basis or any other relevant basis.

1.7 Guarantees

The user guarantees GNM Healthcare and any other person involved in the creation, production and distribution of its websites and applications that they shall not be liable for any demand, responsibility, costs and expenditure resulting from the violation of these general conditions of use or in relation to the use of GNM Healthcare’s websites and applications or any of their features.
All of the information and data transmitted by the user are the responsibility of the user, who undertakes to guarantee and indemnify GNM Healthcare for any direct or consequential damage resulting from such transmission. In particular, the user undertakes not to use communication for to make any remarks that are outwith the law or are unrelated to the purpose of the services offered by GNM Healthcare’s websites and applications.

1.8 Update

GNM Healthcare makes its best efforts to offer up-to-date information on its websites and applications. All of the information provided to persons visiting GNM Healthcare’s websites and applications is selected on a given date. Information appearing on its websites and applications reflects an opinion existing at the time of its posting online and not at the time of viewing the sites or applications.
Such information may require an update which, for technical or other reasons, may not have been possible at the time the user accesses the site, or the information may have been altered. GNM Healthcare may not be held liable for any error or omission. Any update, new service or new feature that improves or augments one or more existing services shall be subject to these conditions of use.

1.9 Access to websites and applications

GNM Healthcare reserves the right to terminate, modify, suspend, restrict or interrupt access to all or part of its websites, including and in particular the content, the features and the hours of availability, and without prior notice in the case of non-fulfillment of contractual/service provision obligations by its partners.

1.10 Hypertext links

GNM Healthcare’s websites and applications may provide links to other sites, generally those of its partners (surface links, deep links, etc.). The sites to which these hypertexts links lead are, unless otherwise stated, independent of GNM Healthcare’s websites and applications. These links in no way constitute approval or a partnership between GNM Healthcare and these sites. Consequently, GNM Healthcare may not be held liable for the contents, products, advertising or any material or services presented on those sites. GNM Healthcare recommends that the user peruse the general conditions of use and confidentiality of these sites.
Any hypertext link, of whatever nature, affording access to GNM Healthcare’s websites or to any of its pages or its features requires the prior written authorisation of GNM Healthcare. The syndication of content originating from a GNM Healthcare website shall also be subject to this rule.
On no account shall the Internet pages of GNM Healthcare be embedded into the pages of another site. Every effort must be made to indicate clearly to the user that he or she is visiting one of the websites of GNM Healthcare and to allow him or her to view the page freely. In any event, GNM Healthcare shall not be responsible for links made to its website.


The websites and applications of GNM Healthcare, in particular all visuals, whether or not they are registered marks or otherwise registered, whether or not they bear the signs ™, ®, or ©, together with the presentation and contents of all the articles, press reviews, and more generally, any information appearing on the sites or applications, are the exclusive property of GNM Healthcare or third parties with which GNM Healthcare has entered into agreements to allow their provision. The user is not empowered to reproduce, disseminate or otherwise exploit them by any means other than the prior, express and written consent of GNM Healthcare.
Any use of the data or information obtained from GNM Healthcare’s websites and applications shall mention as a matter of obligation GNM Healthcare as the source of information and shall be imperatively subject to securing formal written authorisation from GNM Healthcare. GNM Healthcare’s names and logotypes and its websites and applications constitute trademarks and are protected. Any use of the name and/or logotype of GNM Healthcare, and its websites and applications, requires prior written authorisation from GNM Healthcare. In the absence of such authorisation, criminal proceedings may be instituted against the user.


As with many companies, in the interests of performance, GNM Healthcare seeks regularly to improve its websites and applications and to customise them for its users.
Consequently, GNM Healthcare reserves the right to modify and update these terms of use at any time and without prior notice, particularly for the purpose of ensuring their compliance with current legislation.
By expressly agreeing to check the box provided to this effect, the user is deemed to have accepted the conditions thus modified.
Last revision: May 2018