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 Sources of information

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 Modes of selection of the information

The content is stored in the GNM Healthcare Consulting Ireland, Ltd database. A specific search engine in natural language enables the selection of the most relevant articles from any source using the following keywords:

("metabolic disease" Tyrosinemia "Maple syrup" "Methylmalonic acidemia" "Propionic acidemia" "Isovaleric acidemia" "Glutaric aciduria" aciduria Hyperlysinemia "Urea cycle disorders" Adrenoleucodystrophy "Fatty acids oxidation defects" Phenylketonuria phenylcétonurie "Hypoketotic hypoglycaemia" Tyrosinemia tyrosinemie Alcaptonuria Hawkinsinuria homocystinuria "inborn errors of metabolism" "maladie métabolique" "metabolic disease" "trouble métabolique" "Phenylalanine hydroxylase" "Fumaryl acetoacetase" "Combined mitochondrial dehydrogenase deficiency" "Cobalamine deficiencies" "Methylmalonic acid" "Biotinidase deficiency" "Multiple carboxylase deficiency" homocystéinémie Hyperhomocysteinemia hyperlysinemia Citrullinemia Hyperammoniemia adrenomyeloneuropathy "HELLP syndrome" "Acute fatty liver of pregnancy" AFLP Hypoglycorrachia "metabolic disorder" "metabolic control" "ketogenic diet" "dietary management" "low protein diet" MSUD Homocystinuria "Tyrosinemia type I" Galactosemia "Urea Cycle Disorders" "Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders" "Smith–Lemli–Opitz syndrome" SLOS Chylothorax "energy balance" "metabolic control" IEOM? "inborn error of metabolism" " inborn error of creatine synthesis") ((Epilepsy) AND ("ketogenic diet")